Astrid Lindgren’s World is just 1800 meters away!

Terms & Conditions

Hostel amenities

  • Accessible WC at ground floor
  • Communal showers
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped guest kitchen
  • Fridge shelves for food storage
  • High chairs
  • Travel crib to borrow (subject to availability)
  • Free parking
  • Staff speaks English and Swedish
  • Non smoking and no pets

Check-in and check-out

Earliest time for check-in is 5 pm, you can check-out any time up to 11 am the morning after your stay. Please call ahead if you need to check in earlier or later than regular check-in hours.


Each room carry an individual key and includes a bed, mattress, pillow and duvet. The use of bedclothes are required and brought by the guest, however, we offer rental bedclothes at an additional fee (fine quality duvet cover, pillowcase and sheet supplied by an external textile laundry company). Towels are not included.


For everyone’s comfort, please clean up after you´ve used the kitchen appliances and equipment and wash your dishes (dish soap and brush are available at the hostel). Cleaning the room prior to check-out involves throwing out litter, vacuuming, mopping the floor, wiping areas and folding the bed sheets.

Terms and conditions

We apply the same terms and conditions as Vimmerby tourist agency, which can be found here.
Please read it through to know what applies to your booking.

General conditions

  • Payment is made in advance via invoice. If the transaction hasn’t cleared yet at the time of arrival, the guest can bring a receipt showing that the transaction has been made. Otherwise, you can pay the invoice via card at the hostel. Companies are welcomed to contact us for further payment instructions.
  • The guest should carefully inspect the invoice confirmation to avoid misunderstanding.
  • The price includes the entire rental cost and the number of guests cannot exceed what is stated in the room description during the stay.
  • A child under the age of 2 can stay for free. Cost of electricity is included unless otherwise stated. An electricity fee could be added during the cold seasons.
  • We reserve the right to change prices as a result of any tax regulations or misprints. All prices include VAT.